The Georg-Büchner-Schule Stadtallendorf

The name of our school is “Georg-Büchner-Schule”. There are 1130 students and 80 teachers in 48 different class groups. We have four different school “branches” in one school: The “Förderstufe” for year 5 and 6 (the students are 11 and 12 years old). In the “Förderstufe” we have A, B and C-courses in English and mathmatics.
The “Hauptschulzweig”, “Realschulzweig” and “Gymnasialzweig” are for the older students (13 to 16 years old).
At our school there are also “Wahlpflichtfächer” which we call just WPU. They are elective subjects: you must take one but you can choose! For example we in our “branch” (Realschulzweig) can choose French as a foreign language beside English. In the “Gymnasialzweig” you can learn Latin, too.
But you could also take polytechnics, sports, geometrical drawing or you can learn how to use a computer properly.
There are also a lot of possible free time activities at our school. You have the choice between “Haus 8” (school building No. 8 is mostly for students)- there is the pupil`s club where pupils can meet in free lessons. But there is also a room for table tennis and pool billiard and even a kitchen we can use together with a teacher!


Our schoolyard


The same classroom


This is one of our classrooms







If you take a look at our school homepage you will find it difficult to understand  anything if you don`t understand some German. The following german words will help you to get around on the homepage. This way you might enjoy the pictures of our school even understanding what you see on them.



The homepage of the "Georg-Büchner-Schule Stadtallendorf"

Some words that might help you to get around in the "Georg-Büchner-Schule" homepage:

       Wir über uns - about us

       Kontakte - contact

       Verwaltung - administration

       Profil - profile

       Dienste - services

       Allgemeines - general things

       Schwerpunkte - main topics

       Schulleitung - school direction

       Schulleiter - headmaster

       Projecte - projects

       Schulwald - school forest

       Feste - celebrations

       Schüler - pupil

       Eltern - parents

Congratulations! Was this your first german lecture?

You might find more informations about our school here soon.

So please visit us again!