The "Youth Centre - Café Babylon"

Before the "Youth Centre - Café Babylon" was founded in Stadtallendorf it had been a home for poor people in need who could sleep and live there.

Now this place is the youth centre of Stadtallendorf and one part of the centre is the café called "Café Babylon".

When you walk through the entrance you are immediately in the middle of a big room where you can find many seats and chairs, a bar and also a "table-soccer". Drinks are not so expensive. When you walk through a small hallway between the bar and the table-soccer you get to the toilets (clean - no graffittis!) and another common room with a studio including a mixing desk (for "scratching" when want to play hip hop music), a dance floor, a pool billiard table and more seats. On the left you can go upstairs where you come to the "girls rom" (a room room for girls only!).

 On the right you can go into the PC rooms where you can surf the internet on seven computers. In another room you can play "Playstation 2". In the basemant the is a pottery.

The second youth club in the old part of Stadtallendorf