Power point presentation of the results of the last "Shell youth study" concerning young Germans

Before the Comenius group read and discussed the last "Shell youth Study" (see link above), which deals with young peoples attitude towards human values and ideas, they had their own poll at school.

The results of this survey will be published later, but here are some thoughts of our students about the most important things in their lifes: Friends, families and partners. 

The best partner is …

my girlfriend.
She is almost perfect. Why? Of course, she ist pretty, too, but first of all she is my mind of life. If I didn’t find her, my life would be still boring and empty-somehow…
If I have any problems, I’ll talk to her. And she will try to understand and take some time for me. I have had some other girlfriends before but I must say, she is the big love in my life. Okay, I`m only 14 years old, and maybe I am too young to say this, but I wish this love will last forever.

(Julian, 14 years old)

A good friend …

is a person you can talk to about everything. He’ll always be there, if you need him and he is able to save a secret. We have fun together and we can hang around, just spending some time together. We have common interests and the same hobbies. If one of us gets into trouble, we will find a way out.

(Justin, 15 years old)

Good friends are …

my familiy and my friends. They are both important for me. Althrough, in some situation my friends are even more important. If I have problems with my mum, I can phone a friend and talk to her or him. My best friends don’t want to influence me, no matter what I do, they’ll understand me in any case. It’s difficult to find really close friends. Angela is my best friend. I can talk to her about everything.

(Sarah, 14 years old)

Good friends are …

persons who don’t leave you alone. You are part of a group and you have got your position there. You are supported and you support. Your friends understand and feel with you. Some problems parents can not understand-but your friends can. So in our age, friends can even be more important than our family.

(Elena, 14 years old)

Good friends are …

the most important people in my life. They laugh with me and they cry with me. Partnerships may come and go but real friends will stay friends for ever! My best friend is Sarah. I met her 3 years ago. It was crazy because at our school I never saw her. But then we became really good friends and are the best friends now. She helps me and I help her. We stay together in good times and in bad times. But I have other friends as well. Some of them have been friends for more than 4 years. I can chill out with them and make jokes and have fun. I have friends in Italy, too. I meet them in the summer. All my friends are good friends and I don`t want other friends.

(Nico G., 15 years old)

Having good friends …

is very important. My best friend is Lukas from Stadtallendorf and he is born in 1992. With him I can have a lot of fun. Whenever we meet we enjoy annoying people at the telephone because Lukas is able to change his voice in many different ways. We play football together in Hatzbach(a village close to Stadtallendorf) and we are working on our driving licence together, too.
To find good friends is very difficult because only very few friends are really good friends. But Lukas is a good friend because he is always there if one needs him.

(Niko M., 15 years old)

My family …

helps me whenever necessary. We trust each other and weare close, in good or (even closer) in bad times. Ilike to spend the festive seasons with my family. Our big family comes together on christmas and Easter. Sometimes my parents can be very strict. And oftenenough I have to help my parents with the house-work or in the garden. But still … I love them!

(Miriam, 14 years old)

My dog and my cat …

belong to my family as well as my parents, my brother and my grand-parents. And also friends belong to my family”. Whenever persons make me feel sheltered and accepted, they will be important for me.
Of course, family can also cause certain problems, but I think I can be lucky with mine!

(Tamara, 14 years old)