Work experience - quite different to school


The comenius group experienced some jobs for three weeks last march.

We had to work in several local factories, shops, workshops or trades.

Here are some impressions and opinions about  work!


"I was in a nursery school, my group was about 25 children. I started at 8.00 a.m. and ended at 4.30 p.m. There was a lunch break in between, mostly from 12.15 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

It was great fun!! I often drew pictures and played certain games with the children. According to Easter season we decorated the kindergarden beautifully and I helped with the Easter eggs. I served a yummy breakfast on my last day. This was appreciated by the children and also by my colleagues. But they were just friendly and really kind. All work was explained well by them, I could really understand what the colleagues expected me to do. I think that`s important. .......  If you feel uncertain and everything is new, you`ll need people who give you lots of hints and ideas."     ( Elena )


"Do you know FERRERO? I`m sure our Sicilian friends will know them. Nutella is known worldwide, isn`t it? Ferrero industry is all over vthe world and very important in Stadtallendorf with more than 3000 employed people.

Although it`s chocolate industrie, I worked as a mechanic there. Steel and aluminium instead of sweets. ...... But it was really interesting. I could have eaten as lot as chocolate I ever wanted and learned by the way how to work with the circular saw."    ( Lukas )


"I experienced the working day of a carpenter. Most of the day I had to clean the workshop, but some situations were really exciting. ..... We visited different customers to make up wooden doors, windows or pitch pine floors. My boss and my colleagues were very friendly and I could talk to everyone there. I like to work on my own, but it`s also important to have a good communication.

I think, one day I`ll run my own joiners workshop!"     ( Julian )  


I experienced some work in a nursery school, a typical kindergarten. Three weeks full of different tasks: I had to do the breakfast and to organize the lunch break. The children drew pictures, played outside in the yard and had lots of fun. But I must say: I won`t work in this working field again, because I`m not really creative and interested enough. And really terrible: The training as a nursery teacher takes five years! That`s too long, because you don`t get any money this time and sometimes you even have to pay for the vocational schools. Is this fair?                   ( Miriam )


I was in a travel agency. I had to work from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. every day, except for the weekend. At first I used to put up commercials in front of the agency, then I took part in meetings and talks to the customers. I checked offers of hotels and bus companies, looked for e-mails and finally I was able to do some real bookings. That was great.                                       ( Hannah )


My time of work experience in a lawer`s office was very interesting. I had lots of photocopies and filing. I printed out different texts from the computer, I made appointments and what I really liked was walking around the inner city: To the banks, the post office, the super-markets. This time was fun and I really liked my colleagues and the boss very much. They were all kind and helpful. Maybe I`m going to train as a lawyer`s assistant after school. Let`s see!     ( Christoph )