School after grade ten

After grade 10 in our school - where we are divided into three different levels, the "Hauptschule" (lowest level), "Realschule" (medium level) and "Gymnasium" (highest level) - you have to leave our schoolform and choose another schoolform. That can be:

"Gymnasiale Oberstufe": That means (for you) that you will also go to school like you did, but after grade 11 you choose courses. You will get your "Abitur" after 13 years. After this graduation you can go to university, but it´s also possible to start working.

If you want to go to the "Gymnasiale Oberstufe" you have to pass grade 10 in the "Gymnasium" (our highest level schoolform) or you need very good marks and a second foreign language in the "Realschule" (our medium level schoolform). 

"Berufliches Gymnasium": This is a school very much like the "Gymnasiale Oberstufe". But here you have to choose a main subject in which you will be specialised at the end of your three years at this school. Main subjects could for example be information technology, administration or business science.

The qualification is the same like above.

"FOS": Here you have to choose a special branch like social science, economy or technikbranche. This you can do after the 10th grade of High school or Realschule. This schoolform takes two years. In the first year you have to go to school two days every week and the other three days you have to do work experience in special companies. In the second year you have to go to school every day and pass your examinations.

After these two years you can only study at the "Fachhochschule" which is a more practical university with special branches. Here you will become an engeneer.

The qualification for this kind of school is less high than for the schools above. You nedd to have resonable marks and you don`t need a second foreign language.

If you are tired of school or desperate to earn some money, it´s also possible to start working (and maybe go back to school later again).